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Rods, Reels, Hooks, Lures, Weights and More


  • Rods (Shimano (Top Shelf Dealer), Penn, Tica, Diawa, Lamiglass, Okuma, Custom Built Rods, Ugly Stick)

  • Reels (Shimano (Top Shelf Dealer), Penn, Tica, Diawa, Avet, Accurate, Okuma)

  • Hooks (Gamakatsu, Fin Strike, Eagle Claw, Mustard) 

  • Lures (Savage Gear, Daiwa, Spro, Storm, Hogy, Yo-Zury, Doc, Sebile, Fin Striker)

  • Weights

  • Rod and Reel Combo’s



Tuna Tackle

  • Line (Diamond, Seaguar, Jenkai)

  • Reels Rods (Shimano (Top Shelf Dealer), Penn, Okuma, Avet)

  • Custom Built Rods 

  • Hooks (Gamakastu, Eagle Claw, Mustard)

  • Crimpers (Jenkai, Nico-Press)

  • Crimps 

  • Gaffs

  • Harpoons (Big Fat Tackle)

  • Swivel Rod Holders ( Big Fat Tackle)


  • Knives

  • Nets

  • Buckets

  • Ice

  • Bobbers  

  • Sunblock

  • Bug Spray

  • Tackle Boxes

  • Gloves

  • Rags

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